Brooke & Piper




Brooke and Piper is the new Young Adult, Urban Fantasy novel by George Woideck. It's a story of fear, doubt, friendship, resilience and resolve set in today's New York City.

Thirteen-year old Brooke Robbins, the daughter of two scientific researchers lost her mother in an unexplained laboratory accident months earlier. Brooke attends Public School 444 several blocks from her family's modest apartment on the Upper West Side. Piper Lewis, newly arrived in the neighborhood lives with her mother in an apartment near the top of a new luxury high rise. Piper is a seventh grade student at The Laurels School, an elite private girls school across town on the Upper East Side, near the apartment she shared with her parents before they separated last summer. She has lost contact with her father, who travels internationally for business and can no longer be reached by text or FaceTime. The girls are troubled by unanswered questions about each absent parent. 

Meeting by accident (or was it?) by the junk, the sign read costume, jewelry bin at Sadie’s Variety Store, they then cross Central Park to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and its most famous display, the ancient Egyptian Temple of Dendur, which unlocks adventure, danger and discovery.

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