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up, up and away

Up, Up and Away! The Art, Science and Geometry of Making and Flying Kites (Student Program Version)

Physics,Geometry, Art and Fun come together in this program of hands-on learning. Students study the Physics and History of flight (aeronautics) and create up to three kites that really fly.

mosiac symmetry

Symmetry, Patterns and Geometry Meet the Mosaic

Students create beautiful glass tile mosaics while reinforcing their knowledge of the principles of the four types of symmetry.

dave the potter

Experiencing and Recreating the Enduring Pottery of Slave Dave Drake

During slavery Dave Drake was both a potter and a poet, wriiting verse on the beautiful jugs and urns he created in South Carolina. Students in this workshop write poetry and and inscibe it on the bowls they make from clay. A meaningful Social Studies program for Black History Month or any time during the year.



Exploring Tessellations in Math, Geometry and Art

Students work with George Woideck to analyse geometric tessellations and then appy their knowledge to making tesssellations in the visually delightful style of artist M. C. Escher.

These workshops were created using the thechniques of combining Art with at least one other curriculum subject that I learned as a fellow in a Kennedy Center (Washington DC) arts-in-education intiative. They are also available in Professional Development Workshop forms. In Northeast Ohio, my school programs are scheduled through the Center for Arts-Inspired Learning, a non-profit organization dedicated to integrating arts, artists and education. Visit their web site at Arts-Inspired Learning. org or reach them by phone at 216-561-5005 to learn more about bringing me to your school. Outside of Northeast Ohio please e-mail me at or phone me at 216-225-0368. George Woideck.

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