In  Northeast Ohio my school programs are booked by The Center for Arts-Inspired Learning, an outstanding non-profit organization that brings together artists and education. Call them at 216-561-5005 or visit their website at Outside Northeast Ohio please call me at 216 225 0368 or e-mail to .

Programs include:

Sounds from the Earth (professional development):  Using clay, participants create three different musical instruments that actually make music learning the physics (acoustics) of sound      

Clay and Culture in Ohio: Experience the pottery of Ohio Native Americans and early settlers while creating a bowl from clay        


Experiencing Japanese Raku Pottery: Creating, glazing  and firing Raku pottery is the ideal way of   completely immersing in the ceramic process while learning a unique part of traditional Japanese culture




The Science, Art and Culture of the Solar Eclipse: On April 8, 2024, People in Northeast Ohio will experience a total Solar Eclipse. This hand-on program deepens the learning around this unique event

Piece by Piece: Creating Mosaics from Found Objects: Mosaics can be created using a variety of materials including found objects stimulating visual/spatial accuity




Symmetry, Patterns and Geometry Meet the Mosaic. The geometric concepts of the four types of symmetry can be more deeply understood by creating a design in glass tile mosaic




Clay Time (early childhood). Young learners explore the tactile feeling of clay while making a pinch pot




Exploring Tessellations in Math, Geometry, and Art

Learning geometric tessellations and the graphic artwork of MC Escher reinforce the understanding of each




Creating a Lasting Tile or Mosaic Mural: Students work together with George to plan, design and create a mosaic or tile mural for permanent installation at their school



Inch by Inch: Planting a Garden in Story, Song, and a Clay Project: Story, song and clay project reinforce concepts of healthy eating choices, self-sufficiency and physical work




 From Books to Art: Reinforcing Early Childhood Literacy. Strengthening early childhood literacy  through creating an art project that shares its theme with a selected book




 Mediterranean Majolica Pottery and Tile Workshop.: Students learn  Mediterranean history, art and culture while creating and decorating pottery and tile



 Deepening the Understanding of Symmetry with Mosaics (student workshop and professional development). The geometric concept of symmetry can be more deeply understood by designing and creating a mosaic with symmetry as its theme




 Experiencing and Recreating the Enduring Pottery and Poetry of Enslaved Dave Drake aka Dave the Potter: Learn about and recreate the pottery and the poetry of slave Dave Drake of South Carolina. A great Black History Month program

 From Geometry to Escher: Teaching and Learning Tessellations in Math and Art (student workshop or professional development). Geometric tessellations and the graphic artwork of MC Escher share a common foundation




Chano-Yu: The Spirit of the Japanese Tea Ceremony: Experience the the Japanese Tea Ceremony from making the pottery to drinking the tea


 Up, Up and Away! The Art, Science and Geometry of Making and Flying Kites (student workshop or professional development). Learn the history and physics of flight (aeronautics) while creating, decorating and flying kites




George Woideck

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